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Full home remodeling

Whether it’s to sell a house or to give your home an updated look, we believe that you deserve to have a positive remodeling experience. We aim for a fun and creative process that transforms your living space, as well as your state of mind for the better.

At Atelier507, we won’t let unexpected surprises ruin your home remodeling project. We understand that although we do this every day, it may be new for you. We value your experience during the project as much as the outcome.

Kitchen remodeling

A kitchen remodel brings a fresh vibe into your entire home. The kitchen is the center of your family’s day-to-day living. It’s the place where meals are cooked, friends gather, and love is shared. This is the heart of your home and it’s why we treat our kitchen remodeling projects so seriously.

Consulting services

If you’re still trying to decide if you should start that home remodeling project, how much it will cost you, what’s the right approach or where to start from, then this service is for you!

Our consulting services are offered by our leading Architect and General Contractor who will come to the property to discuss your project. Based on your needs, you will get advice on how to transform your living space, discuss overall costs, technical solutions for your design and get answers to any other project-related questions that you might have.

We are a one-stop-shop, making the construction process easy for you

Design and build is a project delivery system through which we take care of your project from the initial conceptual design conversations, all the way through to the completed construction phase. With Atelier507, you don’t have to worry about searching for or negotiating with different service providers (electricians, plumbers, tile guys, permit services, etc…) to get your project from idea to reality. We take care of everything for you.

Get in

One stop shop

When working with us, you’ll have every service you need in one place. From architectural drawings to permits, to interior designs to the construction itself.

High quality services using a clear process

We believe quality isn’t just about the construction itself. It’s also about the quality of the design and overall process. We make sure that you get the best construction at the right price.

The process

Customer experience

The journey is as important as the destination. We focus on offering you the best experience through a smooth construction process, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Fair prices

Setting a realistic budget from day one is a priority for us. It’s our pledge that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises along the way, in terms of additional costs or any compromises when it comes to quality.

Aiming to build you the space you've been dreaming of.

We’ll deliver everything from Permitting and Design to General Contracting services.

Atelier507 is proud to conveniently deliver all the services for your residential space, all in a one-stop-shop for you.

From kitchen remodeling to home remodeling, or just consultancy, we have the expertise and experience for any projects that you may require.

Not your average general contractors, we combine the creative and artistic side of our architectural design background, along with our practical and pragmatic construction experience to build you a place where you can enjoy the new and the excitement around you, without the headaches and inconvenience of messy construction sites.

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What our clients say

Working with Bobby and his team on our guest house conversion was a pleasure. Bobby is a very talented architect/designer. His overall design from the initial rendering to the final build out was outstanding! The fact that Atelier507 provides full project integration -- from design to full contractor services and project management -- made the process efficient and convenient. Bobby listened to what we wanted, was receptive to feedback, and the project was on time and done within our agreed upon budget. His team was professional, reliable, extremely hardworking, and kept the workspace tidy throughout the duration of the project, which we very much appreciated. We definitely would recommend Atelier507 to anyone needing a talented architect or considering a remodel/renovation project.

Karen Linkin

Great remodel! Problems came up (they always do in construction) but Bobby responded quickly and professionally. Would recommend!

Pamela Sandberg

Bobby is absolutely fantastic to work with. From the second we met, you could see the level of passion and detail he had. He made remodeling painless and easy, wouldn't recommend using anyone else in Phoenix!

Steven Cohen


The Owner manages only one contract with a single point of responsibility. The designer and contractor work together from the beginning, as a team, providing unified project recommendations to fit the Owner’s schedule and budget. Any changes are addressed by the entire team, leading to collaborative problem-solving and innovation, not excuses or blame-shifting. While single-source contracting is the fundamental difference between design-build and the old ways, equally important is the culture of collaboration inherent in design-build.
From Design-Build Institute of America

A one-stop shop is a firm that offers a multitude of products or services to its customers, all under one roof, so to speak. A one-stop shop can refer to a literal roof—a specific physical location where all the business a client has can be carried out—or it can refer to a company that handles a variety of goods or services.

The main team, and also the one who will do all the detailed job is formed by our own employees. By doing this we can better control the timing and quality of our projects. The rest of the subs that we are using are all licensed, bonded and insured and by having a great history with them we can assure you the best quality.

A “rendering” is architecture-speak for an illustration (usually three-dimensional) of a design project. Renderings are a very useful tool in the Architect’s tool belt. They help us to effectively communicate designs to our clients, and they can help clients communicate their goals to other audiences. In interior rendering, you will find details such as flooring, furnishings, and lighting that contribute to a space. Interior renderings suggest what it will be like to work or live in that space.

We are working directly with Febal Casa, Italian kitchen cabinets, closets and living rooms manufacturer. This gives us the access to the best prices and the possibility to offer you Italian custom made design for you kitchen or home remodeling.

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