Casa Lux Magazine – Practical arrangement, bet won

June 12, 2020

<< Everything you choose for an arrangement must outline your personality, to reflect your lifestyle, because home is the place where you charge with energy at the end of each day >> Bogdan Bănică

“When you buy an unfurnished apartment and you want to make sure you don’t make the wrong investments in landscaping, the wisest decision is to turn to a specialist. Our hosts also came to this conclusion, and the result is as expected.

The pieces of furniture throughout the house are made to order, according to the available space, by Atelier 507. The parquet is from Epa Floors.

We are in the Greenfield residential neighborhood, in Băneasa, home to a young family with two children. Some time ago, the two spouses bought this apartment, which at that time was finished, but unfurnished. And because they did not know in which direction to go and where to start, they turned to the designer Bogdan Bănică from Atelier507 and everything became much easier. Starting from the wishes and preferences of the owners, Bogdan designed an arrangement with Nordic accents and aimed very much at streamlining the space.

The result is a practical apartment, where every square centimeter has been exploited.

<< When we talk about an interior design, we must first maximize the functionality of every square centimeter of space, and then dress the solutions found in a complete and aesthetic concept. This is the bet I want to win together with my team with each arrangement project >> Bogdan Bănică tells us.


Colors and textures play an important role in any arrangement, which is why Bogdan chose them with great care, adapting them to the dimensions of the available space. In this case, he opted predominantly for warm colors and materials that reflect light, to give depth to the space, at the request of the owners.

<< There are many chromatic and material variants, it all depends on how far your imagination can take you. And if time does not help you and creativity is not your strong point, turn to a designer. This you it will help you define the needs and style you want, and thus avoid wasting time and money on a work that in the end will not look as you imagined. It is important to define the concept and the budget from the beginning >> concludes Bogdan.





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