Do you remember how many times, as a child, you looked at the silhouette of a building and exclaimed “Wooooooow !, how big it is!”? Or how often did it happen to you in those years to be overwhelmed by a market or a park or a garden that seemed to never end? In our story today, the design brings a 7-year-old boy an entire city right in his room. That’s what he wanted and he received it to his liking, in just 13 sqm πŸ™‚.

The Atelier507 team took care of the project, aiming to integrate a playstation with a playstation, a desk and a bed in the small bedroom and to create with their help a space that would induce the idea of ​​an adventure park with an urban flavor. As in our city – Bucharest, color does not play a very important role, but inventiveness sometimes does πŸ™‚.

We refer here to the screen that secures the bunk bed and suggests the silhouettes of the buildings – our favorite element of the arrangement.

“It’s about birch plywood, a northern shade, light. They were cut on CNC and clamped together by special metal connectors, for more safety “, the designers from Atelier507 told us.

bedroomAs in any small room, storage spaces are basic elements – in the city bedroom, they are also at the end of the steps, and in the chest of drawers under the bunk bed – for such a crowded city you need a lot of parking! πŸ™‚ We also liked the lighting sources hidden under the bunk bed – I put the toys under the reflector.

No, we end our walk through the imagined city and re-enter the everyday. But we can’t wait to see new ideas for the little ones πŸ™‚.